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Wuxi Rui Cai stickers printing process
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First, the cutting process
Cutting staff according to the production department issued a notice under the material from the material warehouse to receive the required adhesive material, check its model, and fill out the warehouse receipt. Slitting materials, should be based on the size of the roll (such as 1 m × 200 m), the correct calculation of slitting size, to ensure the full utilization of materials, slitting process of raw materials according to the quality inspection standards strict inspection, cutting error control Within 0.1 mm, go to the edge size control within 10 mm. Broken Zhang, strictly according to the required material specifications and the quantity of material notice. Drawings on the size of the backing paper have special requirements, size error should be controlled at ± 0.2 mm, other products manually cut off error control ± 1 mm, the machine cut off the control error within the scope of the equipment.
Cut the number of stickers to confirm the correct material, the application of coated paper strips indicate the name of the product, the number, size and material lot number, and attached to the entire batch of material positioning material above.
The team leader of the blanking process is responsible for filling in the lot number of the material in the column of "material lot number" of the production subpoena for retrospective application of quality problems.

Second, copy
The plate-making staff is responsible for accepting the negatives and color samples provided by the design department and checking the quality of the negatives, including the number of the negatives, the identification contents of the negatives, texts, lines, the actuality of the edge of the dots, the dot density, And so on. If the film is wrong, you should fill in the repair order or rework sheet, together with the film back to the design department. For qualified negatives, plate-making staff and designers receive a single receipt on the negative side of the common signature transfer, inspection of the negatives should be kept clean and sorted, stored in a special supporting film bag, the bag cover to do a good job of identification, including the product name, the number of negatives , Package date, loan and return records.
The copy is divided into two steps: the whole sub-board area and washing zone two parts, plate-making staff according to the product selection of the appropriate level of fine resin, first open the copy work area, put the good film on the resin version On the work surface. Non-forest surface up. The vacuum film covered in the resin version above, and then control the button to start the vacuum. Start Shaiban Ji, began plate making, the general copy time of about 300 seconds. Remove the cured resin from the film and expose the film.
Machine wash: Automatic plate-making machine with automatic plate-washing function, so long as the good version of the plate placed on the washing stage (washing station with a magnetic plate can be directly adsorbed on the resin above), set Time (100-120 seconds) can be automatically washed version.

Third, the ink process
Toner in accordance with the requirements of product technology standards, long-term supply of products by process cards, according to the requirements of the new product drawings, to obtain the appropriate performance of the ink. To check the following when receiving: the same type, different batches of ink colors are the same; the same type, different batches of ink consistency is the same. Confirm the correct fill out the receipt for use.
When the deployment of ink, first determine the main color ink and secondary color ink, according to the approximate ratio of deployment, attention must be added to the main color secondary color, record the ratio; fully stirred, with the same formal printing of paper samples, fast After drying compared with the standard color samples, and adjusted until the color is consistent; after quality control personnel signed to confirm, in the ink color record book to do a good job of a variety of ink in a detailed ratio of records, paste the sign to confirm the color samples.

Printing ink collar staff, unified by the Mexican staff according to the number of materials, graphic area of ​​the amount of ink issued, the amount of ink printed by each printing press; printing is completed and sent back to the ink chamber, by the ink is responsible for the recovery of residual ink , And in the ink collar registration form to make a record, outside the ink carton good logo.

Fourth, the printing process
According to the requirements of production subpoenas and process cards, printing personnel first receive the corresponding version, ink and adhesive materials, and do a good job of mutual inspection, including:
① the accepted version of the ink is in line with production subpoenas or process card requirements;
② version of the quality of printing to meet the quality requirements;
③ check the surface quality of adhesive materials edge points. After checking the correct version, install and debug.
The first piece of printing before printing version of the overlay, the first piece of color printing is completed, must be confirmed by the quality inspection staff, in the first product color samples signed and agreed to print the words; the official printing must be one by one with Contrast inspection, found abnormal, to be properly adjusted, replace the ink and so on.
Requires fine products, the need to use static brush, electrostatic rag or non-woven sponge wipe adhesive surface, before printing. According to the printing quality inspection standards to each press as a preliminary self-inspection unit, the printing process to do qualified products, non-conforming products strictly placed.

Five, Daomo production, die cutting process
Design department according to the requirements of the drawings to produce the final finished knife mold line pattern, to die-making staff, check after the error. With a knife mold machine, the specifications of the knife inlaid knife gap in the mold, and then use a sticker to manually cut the tangential line, check the size of the tangent, the edge is smooth or not, no gap required blade interface, no error bit Phenomenon, and confirmed by the quality inspection personnel, fill in the mold confirmation report.
Knife template production is completed, with foam adhesive on the blade surface to protect the blade is not damaged, and finally marked on the knife template product name, production date, producer, transfer die-cutting staff. Die cutting staff first check the quality of the knife template, confirm the correct number for the timely record in the knife template ledger, the principle is: All knife template according to the customer's name arrangement, each customer's knife template according to the size of the figure arrangement, Do not omit, which makes accurate and time saving when finding knife template. According to the production subpoena received from the printing process semi-finished products, we must point out the number, distinguish qualified products, nonconforming products, and check the surface of semi-finished products are not scratched, positioning is placed on the same side, do mutual inspection.
According to the production subpoena and knife template ledger to find the knife template, installed in the die-cutting machine, according to product requirements to debug the pressure, and press the original positioning to determine die cutting positioning, coating products required, according to drawing requirements and choose the right viscosity Composite film, with particular attention to the film can not exceed the edge of the adhesive material. Die-cutting process in strict accordance with the die-cutting quality inspection standards for the implementation of self-test, will be strictly in accordance with customer requirements to die or not into a roll, die cutting the product waste, distinguish qualified and substandard products; according to the counter, Finally placed semi-finished products area, fill out the production subpoena.
Use the knife template back to the original place and found a problem promptly fill in the repair single, back to the knife mold making process, and each die-cut is completed, to die in the mold template marked die cutting date, the number of die and knife template Quality status.

Six, quality inspection
Quality control personnel will be the product of strict quality inspection, the need for automatic labeling machine, the machine must be fully seized, the other marked the main bidder, the product quality inspection department after the seizure, the quality of personnel finally qualified Product sampling, and fill in the product inspection report. According to customer requirements for packaging, labeling date, product name, quantity, packing storage, production department and the Treasury management into finished goods warehouse procedures.
Finishing personnel to fill in the production subpoena, of which the number of qualified and unqualified products and the number of unloading must be consistent with the number of unloading process; inconsistent, need to identify the cause, and marked in the remarks column, prepared by the statisticians. The above is the adhesive label printing production process.

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