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Label material die-cutting and surface material quality
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Adhesive label material is closely linked with the quality of surface material Adhesive material is a composite material, the surface material, adhesive, silicone coating and the end of paper composition, die-cutting adhesive material is different from traditional printed materials , Such as paper cutting, is to cut through the material as a whole; die-cutting adhesive material is simply cut through the surface material and adhesive layer, leaving the bottom of the paper and the surface of the silicone coating, and ultimately make the die-cut label Keep it on the liner.
    Die-cutting material quality with a variety of factors, such as die-cutting methods, die-cutting device accuracy, die-cutting accuracy. Die cutting quality is also related to the characteristics of adhesive materials, such as the surface paper, adhesive and backing paper performance is different, all kinds of adhesive material cutting characteristics are not the same. The following text on the adhesive surface material, adhesive and the end of the paper on the quality of the impact of the die to give a brief introduction.
    1. The kind of surface material
    Surface can be divided into two categories of paper and film. The cut-off principle of ordinary paper with the film material is slightly different. Cutting must be cut with the adhesive material and cut together, die-cutting material is a combination of cutting tool and the paper rupture of the force cutting down the blade at the same time also squeeze the paper to both sides, so paper materials Die cutting precision is not very high. When analyzing samples, you will see some labels with burrs. This is the phenomenon that the material fibers are thick and naturally broken.
    Based on the die-cutting characteristics of paper materials, taking into account the wear and tear of the blade, the angle of the die-cutting blade is usually defined as 520, if the angle is large, the material extrusion deformation is large, horizontal separation force fracture separation material The phenomenon intensified.
    Die-like material cutting, is completely cut through the process. Because most film-like materials are tough and do not break naturally, they must be completely cut through or cut through four-fifths of their thickness or they will be peeled off together with the label when discharged.
    Cutting film material cutting edge to be sharp, high hardness, the use of small angle die cutter, blade angle is usually 30 degrees -42 degrees. If you use a large angle die cutter, die cutting is not only difficult, if the blade is not sharp, there will be cut surface material does not wear, the end of the case of paper fracture, the finished label flanging edge phenomenon, resulting in infiltration. In short, die-cutting film accuracy is higher than the paper material.
    2. Surface strength
    The strength of the surface material with the thickness of the material, fiber (polymer) structure and its own humidity. In the adhesive material die-cutting process, the most important factor associated with the surface material is the waste removal rate. The greater the ambient humidity, the weaker the strength of the material after damp, easy to pull off, or even can not be discharged. Design layout, according to the strength of the material, a reasonable arrangement of the label size of waste and waste discharge speed.
    3. The thickness of the surface material
    Material thickness directly affects the depth of die-cutting, the thicker the material, the easier die-cutting. Relatively speaking, thin material, prone to cut through the end of the paper failure. As in the same flat-pressing label die-cutting machine, respectively, die-cutting 80g / m2 and 60g / m2, the same end of the paper sheet. Results 80g / m2 of material die-cutting waste normal, and 60g / m2 of material, die-cutting often appear when the waste break. End of the paper cut and mark the phenomenon, often downtime, waste a lot. This can be reduced or avoided if using circular die cutting or die cutting, using precision equipment, and more.
    Die-cutting thin surface material, be sure to carry out the high precision equipment to reduce the die-cutting area (especially the small label), the use of professional die-cutting version of the manufacturer, pay attention to mat precision. The thickness of the surface material is proportional to the strength, directly affect the speed of waste discharge.


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